Bruce E. McMillan

Developer Biography

Bruce McMillan is one of the most prolific studio executives in the videogame industry. Spanning his 15 year tenure at EA, he held numerous management positions leading to Executive VP, EA Worldwide Studios. His efforts have won international acclaim and generated billions in revenue.

- was operationally responsible for the majority of EA’s Internal Studios, with annual Revenues of $1.6 Billion (US), located through North America, Europe, and Asia.

- was a key participant in senior-level strategy and acquisitions for all of EA Studios.

- co-founded EA Canada (Vancouver), which is the largest interactive development Studio in the World.

- aggressively grew EA’s European Studios, creating a breakthrough game experience in F1, and led EA’s Bullfrog Studios (Populous III, Dungeon Keeper II, and Theme Park World).

- drove the day / date release of the Harry Potter game series, which is one of the largest commercial successes in videogame history.

- acquiring DreamWorks Interactive in Los Angeles (Medal of Honor series), - established Worldwide Studio locations in the UK Chertsey (Harry Potter, Battlefield, Burnout and Black) and drove the establishment of Tiburon Studios in Florida (Madden NFL, NCAA Football and NASCAR).

Mr. McMillan left EA in March 2006.

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