Mikael Wahlberg

Developer Biography

Mikael Wahlberg is an environment artist who started building levels as a hobby for games like Duke 3d and Quake. His first published work was maps for a modification named Red Rover that was a part of Quake2 Extremities in 1998. After a year he started as an environment artist at Starbreeze Studios on a game named Sorcery. He has contributed as an environment and texture artist to games like Max Payne2, Enclave and The Darkness.

Mikael has worked at Remedy Entertainment and Starbreeze studios. He has an educational background in Building Engineering.

1998 Level Designer, Quake II Extremities, id software

1999 Level Designer, Sorcery, Starbreeze Studios

2000 Level Designer, Enclave, Starbreeze Studios

2001 Level and Lead Designer, Enclave, Starbreeze Studios

2002 Level Designer, Max Payne 2, Remedy Entertainment

2003 Level Designer, Max Payne 2, Remedy Entertainment

2004 Level Designer, Prototypes / Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment

2005 Level Designer, The Darkness, Starbreeze Studios

Wahlberg has experience with moving vertexes and playing with pixels to create atmospheric environments for games.

Contributed by Mikael Wahlberg (4) on Nov 21, 2005.