Mark Williams

Developer Biography

Mark Williams started in the games industry at Extreme FX in September 2002. He worked on Apocalyptica and was responsible for designing, modelling and texturing several of the capture the flag and deathmatch levels, adding sound effects and other game engine related details. As well as adding extra visuals/props and animated textures to other levels. He left the company in September 2003 and joined Argonaut Games PLC in January 2004 as a part of the world building team for a short term contract; He modelled and textured new levels to the specifications of the designers and concept artists, as well as creating the collision meshes and performing general ‘polishing’ for existing levels of the game Catwoman.

When the work was finished in March 2004 he joined Lionhead Studios as a senior artist. Most recently he worked there on Fable: The Journey, specialising in environments and props. He designed many of the assets myself and was responsible for the final look of many levels using the Unreal editor. He also mentored many of the contract artists on the project. Previously at Lionhead he worked on Fable II, Fable III and The Movies as a senior environment artist, creating assets and providing much of the polish, and extra detail that went into the games. He remained with the company until January 2013.

In April 2013 he joined Konami as a senior artist.

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