Jim Weisz

Developer Biography

An industry veteran of some 16 years, Jim Weisz came to us from Midway Games, Inc., where he was Manager of the Consumer Porting group, the division responsible for conversion of hit arcade titles to PlayStation and N-64 formats. Jim's principal responsibility on the Septerra team is for the game's engine, where he is putting his considerable experience to work ensuring the realization of the overall design.

Prior companies include: Viacom New Media/Rabid Entertainment ('94-'97), VideOcart, Inc. ('91-'93), Incredible Technologies, Inc. ('88-'91), Digital Mechanics, Inc. ('84-'88)

Titles include: Beavis & Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity, Are you Afraid of the Dark (PC-CD-ROM), Snow Strike, The Three Stooges, C-SPRITE (MS-DOS), Balance of Power - The 1990 Edition (MS Windows), Cross Clues (Apple II)

[Source: Monolith Productions Septerra Core Team Info]

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