John Romero

Developer Biography

John Romero is a game designer, programmer, artist and sequential artist whose work spans over 130 games, 97 of which have been published commercially, including the iconic works Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. His contributions and philanthropy within the commercial game industry have led to many inspired games and the founding of ten companies.

He is best know for his work on 3D level design, game balance, and overall progression for both single-player and multi-player. He was also instrumental in the promoting of cybersports, from LAN parties to DWANGO to the Cyberathlete Professional League. He is considered by many to be the father of deathmatch competitions.

One of the earliest “indie” developers, Romero began working in the game space in 1979 on mainframes before moving to the Apple II in 1981. He is a completely self-taught programmer, designer and artist, having drawn his inspirations from early Apple II programmers, including the likes of Nasir Gebelli, Richard Garriott, Bill Budge and Tony Suzuki.

Romero’s current areas of interest are social online games and massively multi-player online (MMO) games. He is presently a co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Loot Drop, founded in November 2010. Romero also remains active in the artgame, game history and indie space.

Romero also founded Capitol Ideas Software and co-founded Inside Out Software, Ideas From The Deep, id Software, Ion Storm, Monkeystone Games, and Gazillion Entertainment.

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