Ian Crowther

Developer Biography

Ian Crowther was born in 1970. During school time he started programming on the ZX81 and TRS-80s, then switched to the BBC Micro. Learning to code in machine code, he wanted a more powerful machine, so he switched to the Amiga.

After school, he worked for British Aerospace as Production Progress Assistant, and continued programming only in his spare time. His career in the gaming industry started at Argonaut, where he worked for eight and a half year. After leaving Argonaut, he worked for Warez Ltd working on an internet based strategy game, which was stopped even before the beta release because the publisher closed the UK offices. After a short time outside of the gaming industry he started to work for Fube Industries on the game Attack of the Saucerman.

A short working time at Asylum Entertainment followed and he finally joined Kuju (later named Headstrong Games) working as programmer.

Contributed by Jo ST (24090) on May 31, 2014.