Stephen Cavalier

Developer Biography

Stephen Cavalier has worked in the animation and games industries since 1989, during which time he has written and directed music videos, TV commercials, game cut scenes, and award winning short films, both animation and live action. Employment includes the animation team at Steven Spielburg’s studio, lead animator at a games developer, creative director of an online games company and supervising animator of a cult TV show.

A founding director of production company Spy Pictures, Stephen now combines this with commissions to write scripts for film, TV and computer games, while also developing his own projects. He was commissioned develop his Edinburgh Film Festival award winning short ‘Daddy’ into a feature film for FilmFour and has written scripts for several major video games. He also does the occasional bit of teaching film and animation. Hobbies include, guess what , watching films, playing video games and watching / playing football.

He currently resides in Shepherds Bush and is a midfield general in the second division of the London Musicians League.

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