Murray Lorden

Developer Biography

Murray Lorden is an indie game developer, running his own micro game development studio called MUZBOZ.

Prior to this, he was a Game Designer at leading iPhone game developer Firemint from May 2007 - November 2011. While at Firemint, Murray was Game Designer on cute stealth game SPY Mouse, and the Real Racing games, as well as numerous other projects. Murray joined Blue Tongue Entertainment in Melbourne, Australia in June 2000. There he worked on PC and high end console titles such as Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, The Polar Express and Barnyard.

Murray attended Melbourne University where he completed an Arts Degree majoring in Cinema Studies and New Media.

He has been credited with the roles of Game Designer, Producer, Composer and also Quality Assurance Manager.

Murray Lorden relishes the days of the one man game studio. The golden age of gaming. In 2012 Murray started his own indie game development business, and has so far released two games for iOS, Rad Skater Apocalypse, a retro homage to the electronic games of the 80s, and Pulp Diction, a detective word game.

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