Roger E. Pedersen

Developer Biography

Roger E. Pedersen has been designing, producing, and programming games since the early 1980s for companies such as CBS Software, Gametek, Hi-Tech Expressions, Villa Crespo Software, Acclaim Entertainment, Phantom EFX, Walker Boy Studio, 3D Open Motion, Hypnotics, Merit Industries, Slingo, GameTrust, Digital Embryo, Cellfun. His cumulative title sales have surpassed 50 million copies on over 75 titles for multiple platforms including the personal computer, video consoles, location-based, Internet, arcade, and hand-held. He is also the author of award-winning articles for,, and and the best selling book "Game Design Foundations' First (2002) and Second Editions (2009).

Mr. Pedersen is an adjunct professor at NYU, Bloomfield College and Thinnox teaching game design, a senior faculty member at Gameversity teaching Game Design and his articles are mandatory reading for several University's master programs.

Mr. Pedersen has a Masters degree from University of Advancing Technology in Videogame Production and a BS degree in Technical Management/ Game & Simulation Programming from DeVry University. He is a member of several IGDA chapters and a keynote speaker at VGXpo, Xtreme Gaming Conference, Texas Independent Game Conference and NJ Filmmakers’ Conference.

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