Donnie Worley

Developer Biography

Born in Roanoke, Virginia, Donnie first started animating in 1988 for WDBJ television in Roanoke, Virginia. Later, he became Art Director for WINK-TV in Fort Myers, Florida. It was there he met a friend of John Schappert.

Donnie was the first employee of Tiburon Entertainment. The company began September 1, 1994 with John Schappert, Jason Andersen and Donnie Worley. Donnie created the first logo in 1994 and began hiring artists for gaming projects.

Donnie left Tiburon in June of 1999 after completing the cinematics for Madden NFL 2000 with Jason Hayes. Along with Greg Jobes and four other Tiburon Alumni, they founded The Ballistic Pixel Lab. The Ballistic Pixel Lab has worked on the following titles:The Ballistic Pixel Lab also creates technical videos for the medical industry and 3D animated children's stories for the medical industry. Their latest character is Doc Monaghan. Doc Monaghan was designed after a character from Donnie's art journal that he had created years earlier.

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