Alan Miller

Developer Biography

Alan Miller began his career at Atari as a game designer. However, he did not get much credit for his work. He met up with David Crane in a Tennis match-up and later discussed founding their own company. In 1979 Miller, Crane, Rob Whitehead, Larry Kaplan and Jim Levy founded Activision.

Alan Miller later co-founded Accolade Inc. with Rob Whitehead, and took the position of CEO. In 1997 he left Accolade and co-founded click health. Click health's purpose was to educate children and health majors on health issues.

Today Alan Miller is the Vice President for Business Development for Skyworks Technologies Inc., where he is re-united with David Crane and Garry Kitchen. Alan Miller is responsible for new strategy and development of the company.

Contributed by Scott G (794) on Jul 29, 2004.