Christopher Whaley

Developer Biography

Chris Whaley began as a self taught game programmer in the mid 1980s. He programmed educational games for schools before selling his first entertainment game, Jones in the Fast Lane to Sierra Online in 1990.

Chris joined Park Place Productions as a designer/producer and worked on many of the early sports titles for EA and Konami including serving as the producer for EA's hugely successful NHL for the SNES.

After moving to Sony in the mid 90s, Chris and his team were key to the launch of the Sony PlayStation with two blockbuster hits in its first season. These were Xtreme Games and North America's #1 hit NFL GameDay. Chris became the founding Director of Sony's highly successful 989 Sports Studios and continued to deliver mega-hit racing and sports games for the PlayStation.

By the late 90s Chris had founded his own company, RedZone Interactive which rolled out a stream of million+ unit sellers on the PlayStation and PS2 before they were acquired by Sony in 2001.

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