Scott K. Tsumura

Developer Biography

Scott began working in the game industry in 1976 in Japan when he joined IREM Corporation as an executive responsible for game production and business development. He was in the computer entertainment business for 12 years in Japan and has continued in the U.S over the following 14 years producing games, founding companies, and building publisher relationships.

In 1989, he was the founder and president of Bullet-Proof software US , a subsidiary of BPS Japan and publisher of Nintendo games. Scott served as president of the Far East Business Operations Division of Spectrum Holobyte Inc. in the U.S. in 1993 and later as president of Microprose Japan, Inc.

In 1994 (also said to be 1996), Scott was the co-founder and president of Tozai, Inc., a consulting firm for developers and publishers, and in 1995 served as president of Big Bang Software, Inc.

He has produced such titles as "Moon Patrol" "Kung Fu Master" and many other hit games, including "Kung Fu","10 Yard Fight", "Yoshi's Cookie" and other successful games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In 1998 Scott helped establish and served as president of Nintendo Software Technology Corporation and in the years following produced a variety of Nintendo games such as "Ridge Racer 64" " Pokémon Puzzle League 64" "WaveRace GCN" and more.

Scott joined Amaze Entertainment, Inc. in 2002 with the goal of combining US development technology and Japanese game designing skill to make games that play well throughout the world market.

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