Mike Acton

Developer Biography

Mike Acton is a Senior Architect working on PS3/Cell research at Highmoon Studios (Vivendi-Universal Games). In 2004-2005, Mike was the Lead Special Effects Programmer for Darkwatch at Highmoon Studios (previously Sammy Studios) in Carlsbad, CA. Previously Mike has held Lead Programming, Playstation 2 Engine Development and Research roles with Yuke's in Sakai, Japan, VBlank in San Diego, CA and BlueSky/Titus in San Diego, CA. He worked for Sony Interactive Studios in San Diego, CA in PSX development.

Mike has made regular appearances as a speaker at SCEA develpment conferences and has spoken at GDC. Mike Acton is not a framework-happy C++ programmer. He actually likes C. And assembly. In his spare time he develops hardware on FPGAs in VHDL.

He prefers vi.

Contributed by Mike Acton (3) on Jun 03, 2006.