Brian Corey

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Quality Assurance

Time Warner Interactive's VR Virtua Racing (1995)   (Testing)


NAM (1998)   (Special Thanks to)

Developer Biography

While a longer bio is on my website, I can tell you the story of one person who had a dream, realized it, and now miss it (somewhat).

I have had quite a bumpy ride over the years and never thought I would get into game development... ever... How often does some company hire someone who just came out of an amusement park whilst wearing clothes damp from the log ride? Atari Games did. (haha)

I spent a few years there but I was really disappointed by how their testers were treated. We were shuffled in and out of the building like cattle looking for an open field to graze in. I did get promoted eventually but moved on after Virtua Racing was finished and began work at Sega.

Third Party Licensing was a blast and I wish it could have lasted forever. Thanks to the Sony marketing machine, all good things came to an end due to not being able to compete and many missteps by the higher ups.

Finishing of a tidal wave a couple years later at GT Interactive, I grew tired of "office politics" and GTIS west was really "stuffy". I got along with Rick Raymo and a few other folks there but most of my time spent there was repairing workstations and preparing submissions to Sega and SCEA. Only a quarter of the time was I working in the small coffee room/lab actually testing games.

I would love to jump back in and have tons of great ideas to put into a working title but limited cash these days. Publishing on the XBLA is somewhat feasible tho.

Last updated: Dec 08, 2006