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Eric Snyder

Game Credits


Backyard Basketball (2001)   (QA Test Supervisors)

Quality Assurance

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011)   (Quality Assurance Analyst)
Aegis Wing (2007)   (VMC Test Leads)
Carcassonne (2007)   (QA Leads)
Catan (2007)   (VMC Test Leads)
PopCap Arcade Vol 1 (2007)   (Xbox Live Arcade Team)
Assault Heroes (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
Cloning Clyde (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
Lumines Live! (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
Marble Blast Ultra (2006)   (Test)
Sneak King (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
Texas Hold 'em (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
TotemBall (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
Uno (2006)   (VMC Test Leads)
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (2005)   (Test)
Hardwood Backgammon (2005)   (Test)
Hardwood Hearts (2005)   (VMC Test Leads)
Hardwood Spades (2005)   (VMC Test Leads)
Heavy Weapon Deluxe (2005)   (VMC Test Leads)
Space Empires IV Deluxe (2005)   (Beta Testers)
AstroPop Deluxe (2004)   (VMC Test Leads)
Feeding Frenzy (2004)   (Test)
Jewel Quest (2004)   (VMC Test Leads)
RalliSport Challenge 2 (2004)   (Test)
Wik & the Fable of Souls (2004)   (Test)
Hexic (2003)   (Test)
Dungeon Siege (2002)   (GPG Test Team)
Backyard Basketball (2001)   (QA Test Supervisors)
Backyard Soccer (2001)   (QA Supervisors)
Backyard Soccer MLS Edition (2001)   (QA Test Lead)
Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove (2001)   (QA Supervision)
Backyard Baseball 2001 (2000)   (QA Test Lead)
Freddi Fish's One-Stop Fun Shop (2000)   (Testers)
Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head ... (2000)   (QA Supervisors)
Putt-Putt's One-Stop Fun Shop (2000)   (Testers)
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms - Iron Plague (2000)   (Assistant Test Lead)
Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of... (1999)   (Testers)
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms (1999)   (Testers)
Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics (1998)   (Tester)
Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency (1998)   (Testing)
Total Annihilation (1997)   (Playtesting)
The Ultimate DOOM (1995)   (VMC Test Lead)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)   (VMC Test Leads)
Contra (1987)   (VMC Test Leads)
Dig Dug (1982)   (VMC Test Leads)
Time Pilot (1982)   (VMC Test Leads)
Galaga (1981)   (VMC Test Leads)
Ms. Pac-Man (1981)   (VMC Test Leads)
New Rally-X (1981)   (VMC Test Leads)
Pac-Man (1980)   (VMC Test Leads)


Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (2005)   (With special thanks to)

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