Alain Dellepiane

Game Credits


Street Fighter IV (2009)   (Italian Editors)

Quality Assurance

Space Colony HD (2012)   (Testers)
FireFly Studios' Stronghold 2 (2005)   (Localisation Testers)
Top Spin (2005)   (QA Testers)
Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004)   (Testers)
Kohan II: Kings of War (2004)   (QA Lincoln - Testers)
Mafia (2004)   (Localisation Testers)
Manhunt (2004)   (Testers)
Red♦Dead Revolver (2004)   (Localization Test Team)
Vietcong: Purple Haze (2004)   (Localisation Testers)
Drakengard (2003)   (Testers)
Rockstar Games Double Pack: Grand Theft Auto (2003)   (Rockstar Lincoln)
Space Colony (2003)   (Testers)
State of Emergency (2003)   (Testers)


PES 2018: Pro Evolution Soccer (2017)   (Localization)
Super Rude Bear: Resurrection (2017)   (Localisation)
PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer (2016)   (Text & Audio Localization)
PES 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer (2014)   (Keywords International Ltd)
Papers, Please (2013)   (Italian Localization - Team GLOC)
PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer (2013)   (Keywords International Ltd.)
The Last Remnant (2009)   (Italian Translators)
Street Fighter IV (2009)   (Italian Editors)
Naruto: The Broken Bond (2008)   (Translation and Adaptation)
Two Worlds (Game of the Year Edition) (2008)   (Translators)
Two Worlds (2007)   (Translator)
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (2006)   (Italian Translator)
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (2005)   (Localisation Team)
Motocross Mania 3 (2005)   (Localization Testing)
Serious Sam II (2005)   (Localization Testers)
Mafia (2004)   (Localisation Testers )
Outlaw Golf 2 (2004)   (Localisation Team)
Red♦Dead Revolver (2004)   (Localization Test Team)
Wings of War (2004)   (Localisation Testers)

Creative Services

Two Worlds (Game of the Year Edition) (2008)   (Manual Text)
Two Worlds (2007)   (Manual Text)


Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2003)   (Rockstar Lincoln)


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2005)   (Rockstar Lincoln Team)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2003)   (Rockstar Lincoln)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.