Dirk Weyel

Game Credits


Mythos (2011)   (Chief Operating Officer)
Runes of Magic (2009)   (Vorstand Frogster Interactive Pictures AG)
Bounty Bay Online (2008)   (Board of Directors)
Switchfire (2006)   (CMO)
Daemon Vector (2005)   (Board)
Pathologic (2005)   (Management)


Mad Tracks (2006)   (CMO)
Daemon Vector (2005)   (CMC)
Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999)   (German Product Manager)
Tellurian Defense (1999)   (Germany)


El Matador (Games Convention 2006 Edition) (2006)   (Management)
Keepsake (2005)   (CMO (Frogster))
Pathologic (2005)   (CMO)

Developer Biography

Dirk Weyel worked in the music industry before entering the gaming industry. In 1998 he became Product Manager with Psygnosis in Germany.

In about 1999, Dirk founded the company 4-Real Intermedia GMbH (www.4-real.com), a company specialising in extensive localization services and other publishing/marketing assistance for the German market. (www.4-real.com). In March 2000, that company joined with Bastion Ltd and Victor Perez Communications to form the ONEVOICE network to provide more overall services on a more international scale.

Dirk's position in 2006 is CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) with Frogster Interactive Pictures Ag where he is responsible for all press, marketing and public relations for the company's releases.

Last updated: Feb 20, 2006