Michael Conti

Game Credits


Stonekeep (1995)   (Producers)
Out of This World (1994)   (Producer)
SimCity: Enhanced CD-ROM (1993)   (Producer)


Waterworld (1997)   (Director)
SimCity: Enhanced CD-ROM (1993)   (Director)

Developer Biography

Michael Conti got his official start in the game industry with Interplay Productions where he worked from 1991 until 1994.

Although one could say that he really got his start with Philips Interactive when he worked on one of their first CD-i titles, but those weren't considered "games."

As a producer for Interplay, he was responsible for team management, design and direction of all-live action elements.

* Produced and directed live action elements for the award-winning SIMCITY ENHANCED, a licensed CD-ROM strategy game. The game was also localized for the European market.

* Produced Out of This World 3DO (remember 3DO?) which was a product refresh of Interplay's success Nintendo version.

* Directed live-action elements for WATERWORLD, a licensed CD-ROM strategy game utilizing sets, costumes, and actors from the motion picture)

* Produced and directed CYBERHOOD, an original CD-ROM adventure game utilizing actors, special effects, blue screen filming, and digital compositing. This game was never published but would have been great! In 1995, Michael moved to The Dreamers Guild, where he produced for Viacom New Media, a PC CD-ROM game based upon the movie, JOE’S APARTMENT. This game was never published.

From 1996 to 1998, Michael worked as freelance producer for companies like Universal Studies and Paramount Picture's Star Trek Fact Files (a partwork that was published internationally only).

In 1999, Michael joined Mattel and Intel as a producer for their newly established Smart Toy Lab that in Portland, Oregon. In 2000, Mattel separated from the Smart Toy Lab, and Michael became a program manager for Intel.

* In 2001, Intel Play released the Digital Movie Creator. DMC is a digital video\audio and still image camera. The camera can store up to four minutes of video clips and\or still images in a dual mode capacity. These images are downloaded onto the host computer when the camera is attached via the USB cable.

The application software also provides creativity tools for children to explore all the possibilities of making their own movie -- from editing video clips to together, to using paint and text tools, to adding sound effects, narrations, and animations to their movies.

Additional career highlights:

Awarded two Cybermania Awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences for SIMCITY ENHANCED CD-ROM. 1994.

Award of Excellence, CD-ROM TODAY, SIMCITY ENHANCED CD-ROM, Entertainment: Simulation. 1994.

Award of Distinction, GAME BYTE MAGAZINE, SIMANT ENHANCED CD-ROM, Outstanding Design, 1994.

Computer Gaming World deemed the director of Cyberhood, the David Lynch of computer gaming in their peek. Also featured on CNN Showbiz Today.

Spoken at such distinguished conferences as The Writer’s Guild of America In-House Interactive Seminars, Women in Film Interactive Media, and the European Consumer Trade Show’s Develop’94.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2001