Terence Park

Game Credits


Shattered Galaxy (2001)   (Game Director)

Creative Services

Shattered Galaxy (2001)   (Layout Designer)

Developer Biography

Terence Park is an Accountant and Cost Modeller by trade. Terence co-wrote games for Sinclair Spectrum, including board game adaptation; developing AI routines for objectives, sub-objectives and opportunist behaviour.

Later work included a detailed 1997 submission of suggestions to improve and extend the Master of Orion II game.

He is in the process of composing a classical piece "An Air For Burnley" a work that musically charts the life and times of a small footballing town in Lancs, England; which he is preparing for live performance. Other musical projects will be self-published during 2007 into 2008. Also in progress is a book detailing his experiences in using spreadsheet programs to organise digital images and the related exif data. His strength is in the field of financial modelling, where apart from business plans, budgeting and forecasting, he has developed a number of multi decade models for PFI work. In his spare time he operates a practise which among other things offers balanced business / life style consulting.

Last updated: May 25, 2007