Patrick Ward

Game Credits


Overlord (2007)   (Trailer & Intro Cinematics by Ark VFX)
Bionicle (2003)   (3D Artists)
Shadow Man (1999)   (Cinematic Production)


Overlord II (2009)   (Ark VFX Ltd.)
Overlord: Raising Hell (2007)   (Ark VFX)
Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)   (Ark VFX Ltd.)
Shadow Man (1999)   (Cinematic Production )
Crime Killer (1998)   (FMV Artist)


Sneak King (2006)   (Special Thanks to)


Overlord: Raising Hell (2007)   (Trailer & Intro)

Developer Biography

Patrick Ward

Freelance graphic design (4 yrs): -

Liverpool John Moores University - Multimedia Design, 2d and 3d educational software including 3d modeling, simple animation, UI design and scripting.

Pixelogic: -

Crime Killer (PS/PC) - Lightwave Artist. Created all but one FMV and front end spots. FMV for proposed demo.

Acclaim Teeside: -

Wet and Wild (PC) - Demo level artist. Lightwave. Canceled

Shadowman (PC/N64/PS/DC)- Cutscene setup. Max, Lightwave, Excell and anything he could use to get the huge amount of scripting written.

Forsaken 2 (XBox) - Lightwave promo FMV, Asset design, environment design. Some ingame FX and asset building. Canceled.

Argonaut Sheffield ( Formerly Particle Systems Ltd):-

Exo (PS2) - Character artist. Responsible for the ingame and hires character modeling/texturing. Worked on one Level (Lightwave and Maya). Created many fx. Canceled.

Bionicle (PS2/XBox/PC/GC) - Responsible for Sheffields allocation of characters. lowres and hires, responsible for conversion of Argonauts PS2 characters to all other platforms.

Star Wars game demo - Environment, ships and some fx.

Zorro game demo - Concept work, small amount of sound design, characters.

Freelance: -

Gamesauce - created 6 characters and multiple costume variations for unsigned PS2 karaoke game.

Ark VFX - Driver: Parallel Lines - Character artist, modeling, texturing, scene setup, lighting, texturing, rendering, compositing and grading.

Present -

Ark VFX - Full time VFX artist.

Last updated: Mar 12, 2008