Ivan Moroz

Game Credits


Jadernyj Titbit 2 (2006)   (Expert Council (Экспертный совет))


Clutch (2009)   (Development Director)
9th Company: Roots of Terror (2008)   (Producer)
Aggression: Reign over Europe (2008)   (Project Producers)
Pacific Storm: Allies (2008)   (Producers)
The Void (2008)   (Head Of Production)
Dusk-12: Deadly Zone (2007)   (Producers)
Pacific Storm (2007)   (Chief producer)
Jadernyj Titbit 2 (2006)   (Senior Producer (Старший продюсер))
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness (2005)   (Executive Producer)
Hard Truck: Apocalypse (2005)   (Executive Producer)
Operation: Matriarchy (2005)   (Producer)
Pathologic (2005)   (Executive producer)
The Stalin Subway (2005)   (Senior Producer)
Hellforces (2004)   (Senior Producer)
Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (2004)   (Senior Producer)
Battle Mages (2003)   (Executive Producer)
WWI: The Great War (2003)   (Producer)
Midnight Nowhere (2002)   (Producer)
Petka 3: Vozvraschenie Alaski (2001)   (Assistant Producer (Помощник продюсера))


1953: KGB Unleashed (2010)   (Actor)


Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness (2005)   (Expert Council)
Pathologic (2005)   (Expert council)
The Stalin Subway (2005)   (Expert Council)
March! Offworld Recon (2002)   (Expert Council)


Insane 2 (2012)   (Special Thanks)
Cannon Fodder 3 (2011)   (Special Thanks )
Outcry (2008)   (Special thanks)
Pacific Storm: Allies (2008)   (Thanks to)
Hard Truck: Apocalypse (2005)   (Special Thanks To:)
The Stalin Subway (2005)   (Special thanks to)
Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (2004)   (Special thanks to)
Echelon: Wind Warriors (2002)   (Many thanks to)
Paradise Cracked (2002)   (Thanks to)
Spells of Gold (2002)   (Special thanks to)


Pacific Storm (2007)   (Expert Council)
Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (2004)   (Expert council)
Battle Mages (2003)   (Expert Council)
Fair Strike (2003)   (Expert Council)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.