Maxim N. Mikhalev

Also Known As

  • Maksim N. Mikhalev
  • Maxim Mikhaliov
  • Максим Михалёв
  • Maxim N. Mihalyov

Game Credits


Jadernyj Titbit 2 (2006)   (Expert Council (Экспертный совет))
WWI: The Great War (2003)   (Production Promotion Managers)
Spells of Gold (2002)   (Big Bosses)


The Stalin Subway: Red Veil (2006)   (Expert Council)
Fair Strike (2003)   (Product Manager)
Jadernyj Titbit (2003)   (Big Bosses)


Jadernyj Titbit 2 (2006)   (Marketing Department Head (Руководитель отдела маркетинга))
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness (2005)   (VP Marketing)
Operation: Matriarchy (2005)   (Marketing Department Head)
True Crime: New York City (2005)   (Marketing Department Lead )
Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (2004)   (Chief of Marketing)
Battle Mages (2003)   (Product Manager)
March! Offworld Recon (2002)   (Product Manager)
Red Shark (2002)   (Marketing Manager)
Spells of Gold (2002)   (International Marketing)

Public Relations

Echelon: Wind Warriors (2002)   (Marketing)
Midnight Nowhere (2002)   (Marketing)

Creative Services

Operation: Matriarchy (2005)   (Expert Council)


Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness (2005)   (Expert Council)
Pathologic (2005)   (Expert council)
The Stalin Subway (2005)   (Expert Council)
March! Offworld Recon (2002)   (Expert Council)
Midnight Nowhere (2002)   (International Sales)


Pacific Storm (2007)   (Expert Council)
Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (2004)   (Expert council)
Battle Mages (2003)   (Expert Council)
Fair Strike (2003)   (Expert Council)
Vangers (1998)  

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.