Miles Germer

Game Credits


Justice League Heroes (2006)   (Developer)


Middle-earth: Shadow of War (2017)   (Advanced Artists/Animators, Realization)
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014)   (Staff Artists, Realization)
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (2011)   (Technical Art Lead)
Champions: Return to Arms (2005)   (Artists)
Champions of Norrath (2004)   (Artists)

Developer Biography

Miles Germer is a creative professional with a broad range of experience and understanding of media production.

In 1993, at 21 years of age, he began his career while attending the University of Utah on an Art Scholarship, as a multi-media artist at Media Makers. As the business grew over the next few years Miles hired and led a team of 5 artists in multiple advertising and industrial video projects involving 2D and 3D animation. They created various large scale projected presentations incorporating multi-projector slide shows and video. It was his fortune to get his hands on the groundbreaking software packages: “Photoshop 1.0”, After Effects 1.0, and multiple 3D programs such as Electric Image and Strata Studio Pro.

In 1996, Miles formed a partnership with a prominent advertising producer named Richard Jewkes. As Jewkes & Germer they developed interactive multimedia CDs featuring Universal Studios Hollywood for fitness industry.

In 1997 Miles became a partner at Counterpoint Studios. As Vice President of the Visual Department he founded and developed the visual department of a state-of-the-art post production facility. At Counterpoint Studios Miles built a strong reputation and clientele of repeat clients through effective communication practices by creating innovative and successful media products. He hired and managed team of artists specializing in creating 3D/2D animation, compositing, and video editing for broadcast and multimedia products. He also produced various live shows including the Utah Advertising Awards (The Addies) for three consecutive years. During this time Miles specialized in compositing, 3D modeling and animation, video editing, and soundtrack editing with tools such as Alias Power Animator, Maya 1.0, 3D Studio Max 1.0, After Effects, Discreet Combustion, Discreet Edit, Media 100, and Photoshop. The visual department eventually outgrew the original recording studio division and has since split off and become Media Grabbers, a premier production facility in the region.

In 2000 Miles co-founded Tanga Networks with Jon Vincent and Jeremy Young in the Greater Seattle Area. Tanga developed technology and gaming entertainment for advanced handheld devices. Miles played a direct role in researching the market, building the team, raising investment capital, and managing company affairs. Tanga’s business model consisted of two parts: creating technology to license for multimedia applications on mobile devices, specifically the core components of a networked game engine, and to leverage that technology to create DEO, the first “killer app” for mobile devices, a hit multiplayer RPG game in the tradition of Diablo. Unlike most games built for handhelds, DEO had high graphics standards and extensive art assets. In April of 2001, one year after the stock markets crashed due to the dot bomb explosion, we received an evaluation of $2M and raised $200K of seed funding and eventually raised almost $500K. Miles led the DEO team in creating thousands of beautiful, randomly repeatable environment graphics set in ancient Greece, and over 80 high quality 3D characters. The graphics adhered to special requirements for handheld games and were built at a 1 to 100 pixel ratio to scale up in resolution to meet advances in screen technology. As the art director, Miles assisted with the development of over 80 characters and hundreds of randomly repeatable environment graphics such as wilderness, caves, cities, temple interiors. During this time he developed production methods, processes, and guidelines as well as worked closely with Game Designer and Lead Programmer.

Miles continued making games by joining Snowblind Studios in 2003. As a character artist, Miles designed, modeled, textured, weighted over 2,000 unique pieces of armor to customize and adorn player characters. He eventually made two thirds of the armor in the game Champions of Norrath and the sequel Champions: Return to Arms. Miles worked with the lead developer to develop an efficient and powerful method of creating the armor. For Justice League Heroes, Miles created environments including the famous Hall of Justice. He also developed high definition, 60 frames per second videos of the Watchtower located on the surface of the moon. After working on JLH, Miles composited and edited major animations, as well as painted concepts to pitch game ideas to publishers. In 2007 Miles became the Lead Character Artist of an unannounced title for the major console platforms. In this role he oversees the production of all player, enemy, and NPC characters. He builds enemies, NPCs, and player characters, including developing character customization methods. In addition, Miles also serves as a pseudo technical artist, creating shaders, designing workflow and pipelines, and working with the tool programmers to develop artist tools. Miles uses his experience to set the lighting standards for the game and works with the Art Director and Environment Art Lead in planning the look and feel for lighting in levels.

In addition to creating video games, Miles has illustrated two board games, Settlers of Zarahemla (co-illustrator with Alvin Madden), and The Motley Fool’s Buy Low, Sell High Game. Since 2004, Miles has been designing a board game set in the wild west. For the past four years he has developed it, play-testing it with literally hundreds of players and is now in the process of getting it published.

In summary, Miles has created high quality computer graphics for over 15 years. He has co-founded three companies, raised capital from investors, built departments and lead teams. He knows how to evaluate the grand scope of projects and execute the fine details. Miles has excelled in budget and deadline driven environments and understands what it takes to get things done. His experience lends a clear vision of workflow and production methods in a broad range of disciplines. Miles enjoys collaboration and works well with others. His approach to leading others is based on respect, setting high expectations, and providing friendly support. He believes his best asset is his understanding of media production as a whole, such as 3D art, 2D compositing, video production, audio production, camera shots, game design, and tool development.

Miles lives in the Greater Seattle Area with his wife and three children.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2008