Christopher Brethen

Game Credits


ThinkTanks (2003)   (Mission Designer)


Orbz (2003)   (The Orbz Team)

Developer Biography

Chris has been hooked on gaming since his first game of Combat. When Doom hit the scenes, he tried his hand at level design, and found it a rewarding experience. He continued to spend untold hours creating devious levels for his friends throughout the release of several other first-person shooters. Never quite satisfied with his latest work, and always looking to make another jaw drop, Chris recently some of his creations to the Tribes 2 community. He now brings his experience and passions to 21-6 Productions, working with the rest of the team to make Myrmidon an experience no gamer will be able to pass up...or forget.

Source: 21-6 Productions company homepage

Last updated: Apr 29, 2005