Nikolai Soderstrom

Game Credits


Tombstone 1882 (2003)   (Producers)
RailKings Model Railroad Simulator (2002)   (Production)


Tombstone 1882 (2003)   (Design)
RailKings Model Railroad Simulator (2002)   (Design)

Developer Biography

July 2004 to Present
Lead Designer, Co-Founder, Gothic Games: Along with other Founder, created and led a 7-member start-up indie/garage game development company (first project: fantasy-strategy game). Handled all hiring and contracts. Drove vision, philosophy and business model of the game and company. Created design documents. Assigning tasks and milestones for all members. Project currently in-progress.

Nov 2002 to Jan 2004
Game Designer, Micro Forté: Worked as part of a team of three game designers on "Citizen Zero", which was to be the first AAA action MMP game for the X-Box (project cancelled).
• Designed and documented: RPG Character Progression, Clans, Factions, Character Reputation, Character Rig (inventory), general Background Fiction, Collectable Trading Card game and Character Offline Activities.
• Served to review and “sanity check” design and documentation of Lead MMP and Lead Action Game Designers.
• Worked with artists and programmers to push forward vision of the game.
• Created game pitch text, tested, played, filled in where needed, saw Australia, and loved being a part of a great project.

Dec 2000 to Oct 2002
Lead Designer, IncaGold: Wrote design documents on contract basis for the casual market, including "Mafia: Contract Killer" (FPS), "Robin Hood" (RTS), "Circus" (Sim), "Rock Band" (Sim), and "Backyard Football" (Casual Sports). Wrote numerous manuals and project proposals. Assisted in testing and game refinement process. Functioned as liaison to help bring in project funding.

Mar 1999 to July 1999
Game Designer, Realms Network: Helped finish the "Kharduum" expansion world for the MMORPG, "Panterra".

Jul 1995 to March 1999
Writer/Scenario Designer, MPGN/Tantalus: Designed and completed the expansion areas of "Ratburrow" and "Aleria" for MPGN’s MMORPG, the "Kingdom of Drakkar". Worked on numerous refinements, including updates on Drakkar II. Wrote the "Official Strategy Guide for Aleria" (not published).

1993 to 2002
Independently wrote, designed and refined the complete rules doc for the MMORPG, "Epic Legends". Sought start-up investment.

Wrote two 100,000 word novel manuscripts, titled Caernuva and Boruvia (unpublished). They are a two-part series set in a medieval-fantasy world.

Last updated: Mar 30, 2005