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Russell Byrd

Game Credits


The Hobbit (2003)   (Chief Executive Officer )
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (2003)   (Chief Executive Officer)
Defender (2002)   (CEO)
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (1999)   (VP/Gen. Manager)
South Park (1998)   (General Manager, Iguana Texas)


Attack of the Movies 3-D (2010)   (Production)
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (1998)   (Vice President General Manager Iguana Texas)
NFL Quarterback Club (1995)   (Team Leaders)
NFL Quarterback Club 96 (1995)   (Producer)
NFL Quarterback Club (1994)   (Directed by)


Tribes: Aerial Assault (2002)   (Managing Director)
All-Star Baseball 99 (1998)   (Executive Sports Director)
NFL Quarterback Club (1995)   (Directed by)
NFL Quarterback Club 96 (1995)   (Game Design)
NFL Quarterback Club (1994)   (Game Design)

Quality Assurance

Skitchin' (1994)   (Product Testing)
SSN-21 Seawolf (1994)   (Product Testing)
Wing Commander / Wing Commander II (Special CD-ROM... (1994)   (Quality Assurance)
F-117 Night Storm (1993)   (Product Testing)
Strike Commander: Tactical Operations (1993)   (Quality Assurance)
Ultima: Runes of Virtue II (1993)   (Quality Assurance)
Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds (1993)   (Quality Assurance)
Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent Isle (1993)   (Playtesting)
Wing Commander Academy (1993)   (Quality Assurance)
Ultima VII: The Black Gate (1992)   (Quality Assurance)
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi - Spe... (1992)   (Quality Assurance)
Sesame Street: Numbers (1991)   (Product Testing)
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi - Spe... (1991)   (Quality Assurance)


Turok (2015)   (Special Thanks)
Area-51 (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (1997)   (Special Thanks)
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (1995)   (Special Thanks)
Pagan: Ultima VIII (1994)   (Special Thanks To)


The Hobbit (2003)   (Chief Executive Officer)
All-Star Baseball 2000 (1999)   (VP & General Manager (Iguana Entertainment))
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (1999)   (VP/Gen. Manager )
Turok: Rage Wars (1999)   (GM of Acclaim Studios Austin)
South Park (1998)   (Vice President, Iguana Texas)
All-Star 1997 Featuring Frank Thomas (1997)   (Sports Director)

Developer Biography

Russell Byrd was General Manager of Acclaim's Austin studio until the year 2000.

In March 2000, he joined with Craig Galley and Cyrus Lum to form the company Inevitable Entertainment. He is the Chief Executive Officer of that company in 2003.

Last updated: Oct 26, 2003