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Wolfgang Schwarz

Game Credits


2005 Traffic (2005)   (Project Management)
World Airports (2002)   (Product Manager)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (Traffic Database)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (AFD Integration)
Flying Club (2005)   (Programmation des indicateurs supplĂ©mentaires)
World Airports (2002)   (Scenes)
Real Airports (2001)   (Adventure Programming)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (Liveries)
Dash 8-300 Professional (2003)   (Scenery design by)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (Voicepack Editing)
Real Airports (2001)   (Adventure Voices Supplied by)


Steel Beasts: Gold Edition (2002)   (Translation & Manuals)


Battle over Europe (2004)   (Product Management)

Creative Services

2005 Traffic (2005)   (Manual Editing)
Flying Club (2005)   (Redaction du manuel)
Battle over Europe (2004)   (Manual)
Dash 8-300 Professional (2003)   (Manual Editing)
Harrier Jump Jet (2002)   (Manual Editing)
World Airports (2002)   (Manual Edition)
"Captain Speaking" (2001)   (Manual)
Real Airports (2001)   (Manual)


Train Sim Activity Pack (2001)   (Technical (Just Trains) )


"Captain Speaking" (2001)   (Thanks also to )

Developer Biography

A former captain and company commander in the German army, Wolfgang gained a university diploma as an educational scientist where he gained expertise in programmed learning and computer based training. In fact programming has been a key part of Wolfgang's life since he owned his first Commodore 64 in 1986. Progressing through the 8 bit platforms into 16 bit, he programmed for the Atari ST, before moving onto the PC format where his interest in train simulation really took hold.

As a free-lance programmer and consultant, Wolfgang was a lead developer in the Real Airport product which was commercially released by Just Trains in 2001 to critical acclaim. Wolfgang joined Just Trains after a 6 month consultation period in July 2001. He handles all German localisation and project manages specific products for publication. He also manages all customer support and website localisation for German speaking territories and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, not only from a technical stand point but also from a cultural one.

Wolfgang continues to retain his key status as a member of the SimFlyers development team who produce shareware sceneries for Microsoft Train Simulator. His logic and experience is a valuable addition to the Just Trains product management team.

In 2009 he is Senior Development Manager for Just Flight.

Last updated: Oct 25, 2009