Jonathan Freedman

Also Known As

  • Jonathon Freedman

Game Credits


Special Forces: Nemesis Strike (2005)   (Production Team)
Beyond Divinity (2004)   (Director of Development)
Garfield (2004)   (Production Team)
kill.switch (2004)   (Director of Development)
Sitting Ducks (2004)   (Production)
Desert Thunder (2003)   (Producer)
Colony Wars III: Red Sun (2000)   (Leeds Studio Executive Producer)
Lemmings Revolution (2000)   (Executive Producer)
WipEout 3: Special Edition (2000)   (Executive Producer)
WipEout 3 (1999)   (Leeds Studio Manager/Executive Producer)
Global Domination (1998)   (Head Producer)
Phoenix 3 (1995)   (Executive Producer)


Stolen (2005)   (Director of 1st Party Relations & Production Evaluation)


Phoenix 3 (1995)   (Off-Line Supervisor)

Quality Assurance

Stolen (2005)   (Director of Product Evaluation)


Stolen (2005)   (Director of 1st Party Relations)


Stolen (2005)   (Special Thanks to)


Pariah (2005)   (Hip Games Credits)
FireStarter (2003)   (Director of Development)
Retro Force (1999)   (Studio Manager)

Developer Biography

Jonathan Freedman started his career in the Film & Television industry on the award winning program, Degrassi Junior High as an Assistant Director. After various other film and television projects, Jonathan became the producer of Canada's first videogame - game show, Video & Arcade Top 10.

He has credits in the games industry starting in 1994 with both 3DO & SEGA.

In 1996 he joined Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as Studio Director until 2001 where he is credited on such titles as WIPEOUT 3, COLONY WARS - REDSUN & LEMMINGS REVOLUTION.

In 2002 he joined Hip Interactive and is credited there on a number of titles on PS2, Xbox, GBA & PC.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2005