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Rune Spaans

Game Credits


Xtreme Sports (2000)   (Animation)
The Longest Journey (1999)   (Full-Motion Video Sequences)
JSF (1997)   (Intro)
Winter Gold (1996)   (Main Modeller)

Creative Services

JSF (1997)   (Manual)

Developer Biography

Rune Spaans, born 1974.

Has worked for Funcom, both as a employee (1994-1996) and as a freelancer (2000).

Co-founded Innerloop in 1996, but left in 1999 to work with film and illustration.

Games: Extreme Sports (animator) Joint Strike Fighter (lead artist) FX Skiing/Winter Gold (lead artist)

Homepage at http://home.no.net/spaans

Last updated: Jan 26, 2001