Costa Panayi

Also Known As

  • C. Panayi

Game Credits


Deflektor X4 (2006)   (Original game)
Deflektor PC (1998)   (Original version by)
Deflektor (1987)   (From the original Spectrum version by)
Highway Encounter (1985)   (Original program by)
TLL: Tornado Low Level (1984)   (Original Concept)
Android One: The Reactor Run (1983)   (Original concept by)
Android Two (1983)   (Original concept by)


H.A.T.E. (1989)   (Written by)
Deflektor (1987)   (Written by)
Cyclone (1985)  
Highway Encounter (1985)   (Author)
TLL: Tornado Low Level (1984)   (Author)
Android One: The Reactor Run (1983)   (Written By)
Android Two (1983)   (Program)
Cosmos (1982)   (By)
Cassette Two (1981)   (All the others are by)


Deflektor X4 (2006)   (There are a lot of people that helped me with this game; the most important of them are the following ones)

Developer Biography

Costa Panayi, born October 11, 1957, is a programmer who has worked on several ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 titles.

He studied engineering at the University of Salford.

Costa co-founded Vortex Software with Paul Canter.

Last updated: Aug 03, 2008