Hitomi Sato

Game Credits


Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire (2003)   (Planning)


Pokémon X (2013)   (All-Round Game Design)
Pokémon Y (2013)   (All-Round Game Design)
Pokémon HeartGold Version (2009)   (Game Design)
Pokémon SoulSilver Version (2009)   (Game Design)
Pokémon Platinum Version (2008)   (Game Design)
Pokémon Diamond Version (2006)   (Game Designers)
Pokémon Pearl Version (2006)   (Game Designers)
Pokémon Emerald Version (2004)   (Scenario)
Pokémon FireRed Version (2004)   (Game Designers)
Pokémon LeafGreen Version (2004)   (Game Designers)
Pokémon Ruby Version (2002)   (Game Designers )
Pokémon Sapphire Version (2002)   (Game Designers )
Pokémon Crystal Version (2000)   (Game Design)


Pokémon Platinum Version (2008)   (Game Scenario)
Pokémon Diamond Version (2006)   (Game Scenario)
Pokémon Pearl Version (2006)   (Game Scenario)
Pokémon FireRed Version (2004)   (Game Scenario)
Pokémon LeafGreen Version (2004)   (Game Scenario)


XenobladeX (2015)   (3D Modeling)
Star Ocean: First Departure (2008)   (Key Animators (Event animated movie))
Tales of Legendia (2005)   (Animators)


Pokémon X (2013)   (Music)
Pokémon Y (2013)   (Music)
Pokémon Black Version 2 (2012)   (Sound Effects)
Pokémon Dream Radar (2012)   (Sound)
Pokémon White Version 2 (2012)   (Sound Effects)
Pokémon Black Version (2010)   (Music--Bicycle, Pok√© Transfer Lab, Lacunosa Town, and More)
Pokémon White Version (2010)   (Music)
Pokémon HeartGold Version (2009)   (Music Composition)
Pokémon SoulSilver Version (2009)   (Music Composition)
Pokémon Platinum Version (2008)   (Music Composition)
Pokémon Diamond Version (2006)   (Music Composition)
Pokémon Pearl Version (2006)   (Music Composition)
Pokémon Emerald Version (2004)   (Music Composition)

Quality Assurance

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)   (Supervisors (Original Games))

Developer Biography

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