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Kevin Stratton was born in a small town in Illinois. The rolling hills and woods of the river valley, where he spent most of his time as a youth, draw a sharp contrast to the surrounding flat Midwestern plains.

From a early age there was music. His musical influences range from Classics to Bigband Jazz...Instrumental music holds a special place in his experience, He explains, "These people had the ability to communicate without a word. Words tend to force an interpretation on the listener. I prefer gifting the entire message in the sound, rhythm and melody." Although Kevin's instrumental music has found it's home around the world, Kevin continues to write many Rock and Pop songs that ride an edge in todays music scene.

At the age of 20, while attending the University of Chicago, Kevin was discovered at an open stage night on campus by representatives from Yamaha Music Corp. and invited him to work for them in Los Angeles. Performing concerts and clinics across the United States was just the beginning. Kevin's talent for creatings sounds led him to become involved with many mainstream artists including Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Toto, Howard Jones, Thomas Dolby, Gino Vannelli, Van Halen and The Jacksons.

Kevin also participated in the Aspen Music Festival where he taught music sound synthesis and electronic music composition. During his time in southern California, Kevin produced work on a number of film projects including screen and production credits for the motion picture "Nightfall". His work can also be heard on such films as "Short Circuit II" and Star Trek IV The Voyage Home".

In 1990, he began to see new creative opportunities in 3D computer animation, graphics and interactive mediums like the Internet and started a company to create software and media with inspiring visuals and sound. This successful venture not only produced award winning animation and advertising products but the development of powerful software creation tools which would be used by other companies like MTV, Nickelodeon and Amblin Productions.

Ever aware, Kevin knew that one day he must return to his love of music and in 2003 Kevin began to write and each day since the music has flowed. The process of hearing the music first in his mind then translating it for the ear is an integral part of his creative expression when composing. "It has taken years to interpret with my hands that which lives in my heart." Kevin explains. "to take what I have composed in my mind, the expressions of my heart and try to record it in a way that everyone can feel it. Over the years I have become a better translator and look to capture the moment in performance rather than perfection." | When asked how he would classify his type of music --- "If I had to call my music something, it would be contemporary instrumental.... but I simply write music. I don't try to fit in some category."

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