Laurel Lefkow

Also Known As

  • Laurel Lefcoe
  • Laurel Lefkoe

Game Credits


Cartoon Network Racing (2006)   (Audio Script)


Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017)   (Walla Voices)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)   (Adenine)
Robinson: The Journey (2016)   (Captain Hamilton)
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (2014)   (Cast)
Dark (2013)   (Voice Actors (English))
Remember Me (2013)   (Cast)
Scourge: Outbreak (2013)   (Voice Talent)
Driver: San Francisco (2011)   (Additional Voice Talent)
Aliens vs Predator (2010)   (Katya)
Dante's Inferno (2010)   (Innocents of Acre)
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (2010)   (Additional Voice Actors)
The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 (2010)   (Voice Talents)
Disney G-Force (2009)   (Voice Talents)
Disney G-Force (2009)   (Voice Talents)
Sacred: Gold (2009)   (Cast List)
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (2008)   (Voice Actors)
Conflict: Denied Ops (2008)   (Voice Artists)
UFO: Afterlight (2007)   (Lead Character Voices)
24: The Game (2006)   (Voice Overs (UK))
Driver: Parallel Lines (2006)   (Supporting Actors)
El Matador (2006)   (Lead Character Voices)
The Movies: Stunts & Effects (2006)   (Voice Performers)
The Movies (Premiere Edition) (2005)   (Voices)
The Movies (2005)   (PA Announcer)
Pursuit Force (2005)   (UK Actors)
Sacred: Underworld (2005)   (English Cast List)
Starship Troopers (2005)   (Voice Talent)
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (2004)   (Other Actors)
Jackie Chan Adventures (2004)   (Voice Talent)
Power Drome (2004)   (Voice Talent)
Sacred (2004)   (Voice Acting Talent (UK))
XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association (2003)   (Voice Talent)
Heist (2001)   (Nikita, TV crew, Contact NV, Contact NYC, Generic NYC)
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising (2001)   (Additional Voices)
The Italian Job (2001)   (Vocal Talent)
Mister Mosquito (2001)   (English Voice Actors)
Original War (2001)   (Voice actors)
Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000 (2000)   (Voice Artists English)
Imperium Galactica II: Alliances (1999)   (English Language Performers)
Starship Titanic (1998)   (Starring)
The Feeble Files (1997)   (English Voice Actors)
G-Police (1997)   (Voice Over Artists)
Zombieville (1997)   (Voices)


Randal's Monday (2014)   (Lady, Kid, Operator)


Titanic: Challenge of Discovery (1998)   (Special Thanks To)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.