Emily Short

Game Credits


Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home (2010)   (Beta playthroughs offered by)
Make It Good (2009)   (Additional Contributions from:)
The Dreamhold (2005)   (Notable beta-testers)


GET LAMP (included games) (2010)   (Games by)
Alabaster (2009)   (Introduction written by)
Galatea (2000)   (by)


Muggle Studies (2012)   (Uses extensions by)
A Scurvy of Wonders (2011)   (And a hearty shout-out for helping with Inform 7 syntax -- without them the game would not be finished)
Roofed (2010)   (Thanks to the Inform 7 team)
Alabaster (2009)   (Code)
Game Developers Conference 2009 (2009)   (Thanks to the Inform 7 creators)
A Dark and Stormy Entry (2001)   (Written by)


Sunless Sea (2015)   (Guest Writing)
Alabaster (2009)   (Content)


An Interactive History of Interactive Fiction (2016)   (Interview subjects include)

Quality Assurance

Lost Pig (2007)   (Sincerest thanks go to these, our beloved betatesters:)


Silent Streets (2017)   (Thanks a Million)
Hollywood Visionary (2015)   (Special thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on early versions)
Sunless Sea (2015)   (Special Thanks to (Kickstarter Backers))
Dominique Pamplemousse in "It's All Over... (2013)   (Special thanks to Indiegogo contributors)
Muggle Studies (2012)   (Special thanks to)
Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree (2012)   (With warm thanks to the following for their generous support)
Everybody Dies (2008)   (Inspiration)
Lost Pig (2007)   (We would also like to offer our (almost as sincere) thanks to:)

Developer Biography

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