Aaron Sowd

Game Credits


Blitz: The League II (2008)   (Storyboard Artists)
God of War (2005)   (Additional Concept and Storyboard Artists)

Developer Biography

A twelve year veteran of the comic book, animation, and film industries, Aaron Sowd has unwittingly unleashed his newest creation upon the world: MasterMinds! An award-winning art director of Stan Lee Media, Aaron designed and supervised the look of many of Stan Lee’s Flash animated "webisodes", including The 7th Portal, The Accuser, The Backstreet Project and The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse.

Adept at storytelling in all its many forms, Aaron has done storyboards for Austin Powers in Goldmember, Latrelle's House Party music video and too many commercials to name. As a conceptual designer, Aaron has worked on Steven Soderbergh and James Cameron’s film Solaris, as well as Human Nature and Virus.

In animation, Aaron has worked on Evolution and the Titan A.E. and Anastasia style guides for Fox Animation. Aaron's comic book credits include: DC Comics' 9-11 Benefit Book, Batman, Harley Quinn, X-Men, Spawn/Witchblade, and The Flash.

Aaron's work has appeared in the New York Times, People, Time, the Hollywood Reporter, Gear and Playstation magazines. He lives by the beach in Venice, California, and resents the fact that he has no free time to enjoy it.

Last updated: Jul 13, 2006