Katsunori Yoshimura

Also Known As

  • urdcat
  • Urunyan
  • Kotori Yoshimura
  • Tux. K. Y.
  • Tux.K.Y
  • Tux. K. Yoshimura

Game Credits


Omega Boost (1999)   (Game Planners)
Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer (1989)   (Game Design)
Star Cruiser (1988)   (Game Designer)
Wibarm (1986)   (Lead Design)


Dragon Drive: D-Masters Shot (2003)   (Programmers (プログラマー))
Prince of Persia (1992)   (Programming)
Tenka Tōitsu (1990)   (Production (制作))
Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer (1989)   (Program)
Star Cruiser (1988)   (Program)
Wibarm (1986)   (Main Programmed by)
Thunder Force (1984)   (Programmed by)


Star Cruiser (1988)   (Story)
Wibarm (1986)   (Story Written by)


Star Cruiser (1988)   (Graphics)

Creative Services

Knight Arms: The Hyblid Framer (1989)   (Title Design)


Spindizzy Worlds (1992)   (Special Thanks)


Thunder Force (1984)  

Developer Biography

Born in 1965. Worked at TecnoSoft since its first year. Left the company in 1985 and went to Arsys. After leaving Arsys in 1993, Yoshimura started a one-man company, Cyberhead, working as an OEM contractor for other companies. In 2001, Cyberhead was dismantled, and Katsunori underwent surgery to be turned into a woman. She is no called Kotori Yoshimura and runs a new development company. As a former Tecnosoft staff member, Kotori Yoshimura's taste in games is inclined towards traditional shooters in the vein of Xevious and Zanac.

Last updated: Nov 08, 2006