Martin P. Bryant

Also Known As

  • Martin Bryant
  • M. P. Bryant
  • M. Bryant

Game Credits


Colossus X Draughts (1993)   (By)
Colossus X Backgammon (1992)   (Author)
Colossus Chess 4 (1985)   ((c) 1987)
Colossus Chess 2∙0 (1984)   (Author)
Colossus Chess 3.0 (1984)   (By)


Doctor Who: The First Adventure (1983)   (The publishers would like to thank)

Developer Biography

Martin Bryant started developing what would become the 'Colossus' game series in 1983. The first game 'Colossus Chess' was produced for multiple platforms and was one of the best selling chess games of its time and a number of later versions of the game were produced.
Following the chess game Martin developed a 'Colossus Backgammon' program, it was published on the pc only though an Atari ST version was also developed. According to his web site no development on this game has been done since 1992.
'Colossus Draughts' or 'Colossus Checkers' as it was called in the USA was the third program in the series and in the early 1990's this program won a number of championships, it's first commercially available version was Colossus Draughts X and this was followed by Colossus '95.

The Colossus compilation also contains the card game Colossus Bridge which was not developed by Martin though his web site does have some downloadable solitaire games

The inspiration for the name 'Colossus' comes from the film 'The Forbin Project' which was based 'Colossus : The God Machine' a book by D.F.Jones. Colossus in the book is a sentient American supercomputer which takes over the world aided by its 'Guardian' its Russian counterpart.

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