James Miller

Game Credits

Quality Assurance

The Bigs (2007)   (MLB Testplan Writer)
NBA 2K7 (2006)   (Test Plan Writer)
Top Spin 2 (2006)   (Test Plan Writer)
Amped 3 (2005)   (Test Plan Writer)
NBA 2K6 (2005)   (Test Plan Writer)
NHL 2K6 (2005)   (Test Plan Writer)
ESPN Major League Baseball (2004)   (Quality Assurance)
ESPN NBA 2K5 (2004)   (Test Plan Writer)
ESPN NFL 2K5 (2004)   (Quality Assurance)
ESPN NHL 2K5 (2004)   (Quality Assurance)
ESPN NFL Football (2003)   (Quality Assurance)
ESPN NHL Hockey (2003)   (Quality Assurance)
Virtua Tennis 2 (2001)   (Testers)

Creative Services

NHL 2K6 (2005)   (Test Plan Writer)

Customer/Technical Support

FireTeam (1998)   (Player Relations)

Developer Biography

James Miller started in the gaming Industry with a small company Multitude. From there he negotiated to sell his own game design, but finally decided most big game developers are a bunch of crooked bastards and decided not to give away a million dollar idea with no royalties.

To gain more industry credibility, he went on to work at both SEGA and 2K Sports for more than half a decade. Eventually disillusioned with the trend of conglomeration in the industry, he gave up his hopes of design and went back to working online, eventually scoring a job at Google. Thank you... come again

Last updated: Oct 01, 2010