Michaël Samyn

Also Known As

  • Michael Samyn

Game Credits


Sunset (2015)   (Direction by)
Bientôt l'été (2012)   (Direction)
Fatale (2009)   (Production)
The Path (2009)   (Direction)
The Graveyard (2008)   (Process Director)


Sunset (2015)   (Design by)
Luxuria Superbia (2013)   (Game by)
Bientôt l'été (2012)   (Design)
Vanitas (2010)   (Design)
Fatale (2009)   (Design)
The Path: Prologue (2009)   (Game by)
The Path (2009)   (Design)
The Graveyard (2008)   (Process Director)
The Endless Forest (2005)   (Design & Direction)
Min & Meer (2005)   (Game)


Triennale Game Collection (2016)   (Game by)
Sunset (2015)   (Programming by)
Bientôt l'été (2012)   (Programming)
Vanitas (2010)   (Programming)
The Path (2009)   (Programming)
The Graveyard (2008)   (Process Director)
The Endless Forest (2005)   (Programming)


Sunset (2015)   (Text by)
Bientôt l'été (2012)   (Text collected by)


Bientôt l'été (2012)   (Additional Modeling)


Vanitas (2010)   (Sound & Effects)

Quality Assurance

Soma (2015)   (Alpha Testing)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)   (Beta Testing)


Bientôt l'été (2012)   (Translations)
The Path (2009)   (Translation)


Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (2016)   (Special Thanks to:)
Gone Home (2013)   (Special Thanks)
MirrorMoon EP (2013)   (Special Thanks to)
Dear Esther (2012)   (Thanks to)


Luxuria Superbia (2013)   (Created by Tale of Tales)
The Kiss Incorporator (2007)   (By)

Developer Biography

Michaël Samyn was born in 1968 in Poperinge, Belgium. He studied Graphic Design at the Sint Lucas Institute in Ghent, Belgium. In 1995, he founded the web design studio zuper.com, which merged in 1999 with entropy8 (by Auriea Harvey) to form Entropy8Zuper!.

In 2002, he founded the 3D and game development company Tale of Tales BVBA with Auriea Harvey, specializing in interactive narrative. His major profession is graphic design.

Last updated: Nov 21, 2009