Joe Sleator

Game Credits


Arkanoid (1987)   (Programming)


Cyberblast (1992)   (Very special thanks to the following people)

Developer Biography

Joe Sleator began assembly programming on the Vic20/Apple][/C64 in 1981. His first C programming was on the Mac 512 (hand upgraded from Mac128) in 1985 using Manx C. He first played with C++ in 1986 and bought his first PC (XT) in 1988.

Notable Achievements:

  • Real-Time vinyl turntable 'scratch' simulator for Amiga 1987
  • Real-Time sound sequencer for Taito/Discovery Arkanoid 1986
  • Video display for Ensoniq Mirage Sampler 1989
  • Realtime mapping of expression-wheel to filter/envelope parameters in Ensoniq Mirage (Hack) 1989
  • Worked at Fairlight Instruments, Sydney, on Cue-List and MFX console 1989
  • First Wireless Camera on an RC Helicopter 1989
  • PIC Based Auto-Throttle for RC Helicopter 1991
  • Stereoptic Wireless camera to HMD for RC Helicopter (Good Range) 1999
  • Wrote a Monitor for the AMD29000 RISC CPU
  • Some interesting work with lossless audio compression in both frequency and time domains.
Hobbies: Extreme Metalworking, Fiddle Playing, Lindy-Hop Swing Dancing, Exploring Underground, Flying, Electronics, Vintage Analog Instrument Restoration, High Energy Physics and Amateur High-Power Rocketry

Last updated: Feb 25, 2007