Patti McMann

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Legend of the Red Dragon (1992)   (Beta testing)

Developer Biography

Patti McMann is an Oregon native and has been in the computer and gaming industry since 1975. From 1994 through 1999 she ran an extremely popular computer bulletin board system where Legend of The Red Dragon was beta tested. She did all of the artwork for the system, and provided artwork for other bulletin board systems. In 1996 McMann taught herself how to design websites and designed many websites by hand. From 1998 to 2004 she worked for a well known computer company providing replacement parts to companies and individuals.

McMann is very knowledgeable and skilled in computers, and does computer consulting, repair and tutoring. She has also studied software design. She is an accomplished writer, and has several published pieces. She is very creative, and looks for opportunities to use her creativity.

In January 2004, Patti went back to college to obtain her degrees in Business Management, Information Technology, and Marketing.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2009