Noah Dudley

Also Known As

  • N. Dudley
  • Noah Dudly
  • Noah L. Dudley

Game Credits


Farscape: The Game (2002)   (Production Executives)


The Land Before Time: Big Water Adventure (2002)   (Producer)
Hot Wheels: Crash! (1999)   (Executive Producer)
MatchBox Caterpillar Construction Zone (1999)   (Executive Producer)
101 Dalmatians: Escape From DeVil Manor (1997)   (Senior Producer)
Disney's Bonkers (1994)   (Disney Producers)
The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey & Mi... (1994)   (Producer)
Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit (1994)   (Disney Producer)
Disney's Aladdin (1993)   (Disney Producer)
Mickey's ABC's: A Day at the Fair (1993)   (Assisted by)
Heaven & Earth (1992)   (Assistant Producer)
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (1992)   (Producer)
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure (1991)   (Assistant Producers)
Hare Raising Havoc (1991)   (Assistant Producer)
Mickey's Colors & Shapes (1991)   (Assistant Producer)
Dick Tracy (1990)   (Assistant Producers)


101 Dalmatians: Escape From DeVil Manor (1997)   (Game Design)


101 Dalmatians: Escape From DeVil Manor (1997)   (Voice Direction)


Muppet Pinball Mayhem (2002)   (The Jim Henson Company)


Waterworld (1997)   (Special Thanks to)
Goofy's Hysterical History Tour (1993)   (Special Thanks To)


Nomad (1993)   (Add't. Character Design)

Developer Biography

Noah Dudley is a Designer/Producer with credits on over 75 computer and video games, as well as having written source material for a number of role-playing publishers, including West End, White Wolf, WizKids, FASA, Fast Forward and AEG. He has worked as a Designer/Producer for Disney Interactive as well as Walt Disney Imagineering, where he produced several virtual-reality attractions for DisneyQuest. He has also produced games for Universal Studios and the Jim Henson Company.

He is now the President of Eight Legs, Inc., a development company that is currently producing a socially-based MMOG to be released in March 2007 as well as producing his first movie.

Last updated: Dec 07, 2006