Pete Cooke

Also Known As

  • Peter Cooke

Game Credits


Invincible Island Remake (2005)   (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Tower of Babel (1989)   (Game by)
Brainstorm (1988)   (By)
Room Ten (1986)   (Design )
Space School Simulator: The Academy (1986)   (Created by)
Tau Ceti (1985)   (Original idea by)
Urban Upstart (1983)   (by)


Grand Prix 3 (2000)   (Menu Design)
Grand Prix II (1995)   (Menu Design & Additional Programming)
World Circuit (1991)   (Additional Programming by)
Granny's Garden (1989)   (Amiga version by)
Stunt Track Racer (1989)   (Conversion by)
Tower of Babel (1989)   (Program Copyright)
Whole New Ball Game (1989)   (By)
Brainstorm (1988)   (Program)
Earthlight (1988)   (By)
Zolyx (1988)   (By)
Micronaut One (1987)   (Written by)
Room Ten (1986)   (By)
Space School Simulator: The Academy (1986)   (Program written by)
Tau Ceti (1985)   (By)
Upper Gumtree and Professor Blowitovitz (1984)   (Upper Gumtree was written for the 64 by )
Invincible Island (1983)   (Program by)


Tower of Babel (1989)   (Graphics)


Grand Prix 3 Season 2000 (2001)   (Sound Programming)
First Contact (1990)   (Music)

Creative Services

Tower of Babel (1989)   (Documentation)

Developer Biography

Pete Cooke (born 1956) is a British computer games programmer, best known for his work published in the 1980s for the 8-bit home computers, especially the ZX Spectrum.

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