Paul Tozour

Game Credits


WarBreeds (1998)   (Lead Designer)


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (2007)   (Engineering)
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (2004)   (ENGINEERING)
Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003)   (Additional Programming)
MechWarrior 4: Vengeance (2000)   (Development Core Team)
WarBreeds (1998)   (Lead Programmer)
In the 1st Degree (1995)   (Broderbund Systems Programming)


Project Highrise (2016)   (Special Thanks to)
Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Dungeon Siege (2002)   (Additional Thanks)


Aven Colony (2017)   (Created by Mothership Entertainment)

Developer Biography

Paul Tozour is a co-founder of Mothership Entertainment in Austin, TX: . Mothership is hard at work on its first game title, a strategy game built on Unreal Engine 4 to be published by Stardock Corporation.

He began at Broderbund Software/Red Orb Entertainment from 1994 to 1998. From 1996 to 1998 he was the design lead and lead programmer on an real-time strategy title WarBreeds.

After that, he worked for a year at Gas Powered Games in Kirkland, WA, during the beginning of development for GPG's premier title, Dungeon Siege.

Paul then spent 1.5 years at Microsoft working with the former FASA Interactive developers, where he programmed the combat AI for Microsoft's MechWarrior 4: Vengeance.

He was at Ion Storm in Austin, Texas, between 2001 and 2002 where he was the AI lead for Thief: Deadly Shadows and also worked on the AI in Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Between July 2003 and June 2008, Paul was a Senior Engineer at Retro Studios and worked on the Metroid Prime games.

Paul then worked as a development lead on Project Offset at Intel.

He then got a Master's degree in Technology Management with the University of Pennsylvania in a degree program co-sponsored by the Wharton School of Business.

In 2011 and 2012, Paul developed the indie strategy game City Conquest for iOS and Android.

In late 2013, Paul co-founded Mothership Entertainment in Austin, TX:

Paul also led the Game Outcomes Project beginning in 2014:

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