Bob Wakelin

Game Credits

Creative Services

Wizball (2007)   (The original cover illustration was by)
Central Intelligence (1994)   (Cover Artwork)
Choplifter III: Rescue Survive (1994)   (Cover Artwork (uncredited))
International Open Golf Championship (1993)   (Cover Artwork by (uncredited))
Epic (1992)   (Cover Artwork (uncredited))
Wizkid: The Story of Wizball II (1992)   (Cover artwork by)
Elf (1991)   (Covert artwork (uncredited))
Ivanhoe (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Lost Patrol (1990)   (Box artwork (uncredited))
Space Gun (1990)   (Cover artwork by)
Beach Volley (1989)   (Cover artwork by)
Midnight Resistance (1989)   (Cover artwork by)
Ninja Gaiden (1989)   (Cover artwork by)
Pang (1989)   (Cover artwork by)
Renegade III: The Final Chapter (1989)   (Cover artwork by)
Voyager (1989)   (Cover artwork)
Batman: The Caped Crusader (1988)   (Cover Artwork by)
Cabal (1988)   (Cover Artwork (uncredited))
Chase H.Q. (1988)   (Cover artwork by)
Firefly (1988)   (Cover art)
G.U.T.Z. (1988)   (Cover art by)
The New Zealand Story (1988)   (Cover Artwork by)
Operation Thunderbolt (1988)   (Cover artwork by)
Target: Renegade (1988)   (Cover artwork by)
The Vindicator! (1988)   (Cover artwork by)
Contra (1987)   (Cover Artwork (uncredited))
Head Over Heels (1987)   (Cover artwork)
Match Day II (1987)   (Cover)
Mutants (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Operation Wolf (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Psycho Soldier (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Rastan (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Where Time Stood Still (1987)   (Cover Illustration)
Wizball (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Athena (1986)   (Cover Artwork by (uncredited))
Batman (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
The Great Escape (1986)   (Cover Artwork by (all releases))
Highlander (1986)   (Cover Artwork by (uncredited))
Hunchback: the Adventure (1986)   (Translated by)
MagMax (1986)   (Cover artwork)
Movie (1986)   (Cover artwork by)
Nightmare Rally (1986)   (Cover artwork by)
Renegade (1986)   (Artwork by (European release))
Super Bowl (1986)   (Cover Artwork by)
Super Soccer (1986)   (Cover artwork by)
Terra Cresta (1986)   (Cover art)
Cosmic Wartoad (1985)   (Cover Artwork by)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1985)   (Cover illustration)
Galivan (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Roland's Ratrace (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Rush'n Attack (1985)   (Cover artwork by)
The Slugger (1985)   (Cover Artwork by)
Wizadore (1985)   (Cover artwork by)
Comic Bakery (1984)   (Cover Artwork by (uncredited))
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (1984)   (Cover Artwork by)
The Dam Busters (1984)   (Illustration by)
Eskimo Eddie (1984)   (Cover artwork by)
Gift from the Gods (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Gilligan's Gold (1984)   (Cover artwork)
Highnoon (1984)   (Cover artwork by)
Hunchback II: Quasimodo's Revenge (1984)   (cover artwork (uncredited))
Hyper Sports (1984)   (Cover Artwork (uncredited))
Kong Strikes Back! (1984)   (Cover Art)
Match Day (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Mikie (1984)   (Cover art)
Moon Alert (1984)   (Cover Artwork (1983))
Cavelon (1983)   (Cover artwork by)
Chinese Juggler (1983)   (Cover artwork by)
Hunchback (1983)   (Cover artwork by)
Road Frog (1983)   (Cover artwork by (uncredited))
Royal Birkdale Championship Golf (1983)   (Cover artwork by)

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