Peter Armstrong

Also Known As

  • Pete Armstrong

Game Credits


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Line of Sight: Vietnam (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Robot Arena: Design & Destroy (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (2002)   (Director of Development)
Deadly Dozen (2001)   (Director of Product Development)
Leadfoot: Stadium Off-Road Racing (2001)   (Infogrames)


Let's Ride: Best in Breed 3D (2013)   (Director of Product Development)
All Star Karate (2010)   (Director of Product Development)
Fancy Nancy: Tea Party Time! (2010)   (Director of Product Development)
Jeopardy! (2010)   (Director of Product Development)
18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker (2009)   (Production)
Desktop Tower Defense (2009)   (Director of Product Development)
Rocket Riot (2009)   (Production)
American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge (2008)   (Production)
Dropcast (2008)   (Production)
Elements of Destruction (2008)   (Production)
Sprint Cars 2: Showdown at Eldora (2008)   (Production)
18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul (2007)   (Production)
Elements of Destruction (2007)   (Production)
Screwjumper! (2007)   (Production)
18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' (2006)   (Production)
Games Explosion! (2006)   (Production)
Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville (2006)   (Production)
Hello Kitty: Happy Party Pals (2005)   (Director of Product Development)
NHRA Championship Drag Racing (2005)   (Production)
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (2004)   (Director of Product Development)
Saturday Night Speedway (2004)   (Director of Product Development)
Deer Hunter (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Deer Hunter 2004 (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Humvee Assault (2003)   (Director Of Development)
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files - Spirit Detective (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Bird Hunter 2003: Legendary Hunting (2002)   (Director of Production)
Deer Hunter 2003 (2002)   (Director of Production Development)
Dirt Track Racing 2 (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game (2002)   (Director of Production)
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku (2002)   (Director of Production)
Driver 2 Advance (2002)   (Director Product Development)
Pacific Gunner (2002)   (Director of Production)
Steel Tide (2002)   (Captain)
Tiger Hunt (2002)   (Director of Development)
Trophy Hunter 2003 (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
WizMo's Workshop: Dragons of Frozzbokk (2002)   (Director of Production)
World of Outlaws: Sprint Car Racing 2002 (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
Hunting Unlimited (2001)   (Production (2))
Survivor: The Interactive Game (2001)   (Director of Development)
Beach Head 2000 (2000)   (Senior Project Manager)
High Impact Paintball (2000)   (Producer)
Innova Disc Golf (2000)   (Producer)
Carnivores 2 (1999)   (Project Manager)
Damage Incorporated (1998)   (Project Manager)
Deer Hunter 2: The Hunt Continues (1998)   (Product Manager, WizardWorks)
Chasm: The Rift (1997)   (Project Manager)
X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse (1997)   (Project Manager)


Elements of Destruction (2008)   (Concept)
Survivor: The Interactive Game (2001)  
Dark Colony (1997)   (Scenario Design)


Bully: Scholarship Edition (2008)   (Artists)
Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)   (Character Art)
Manhunt 2 (2007)   (Artists)
The Warriors (2005)   (Character Art)
Max Payne (2001)   (Art)
Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 (1999)   (Animations)
Dark Colony (1997)   (Artwork)

Quality Assurance

Hunting Unlimited 3 (2004)   (QA)
Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater (2002)   (QA Testers)
Dirt Track Racing (1999)   (Testing (WizardWorks))
Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999)   (Testers (Take2))


Dead Man's Hand (2004)   (Director of Product Development)
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II (2003)   (Director of Product Development)
Hero X (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
Real Pool 2 (2002)   (Product Development)
Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition (2000)   (Product Manager)
Buckmasters Deer Hunting (2000)   (Product Manager)
Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars (2000)   (Product Managers)
Xtreme Sports (2000)   (Product Manager)

Creative Services

Quarantine II: Road Warrior (1995)   (Comic Book)


Feedn' Chloe (2001)   (Consultant)
Primal Prey (2001)   (Consultant)


Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (2013)   (Special Thanks To)
NHRA Championship Drag Racing (2005)   (Special thanks)
18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal (2004)   (Many Thanks to Online Community Testers and Supporters)
Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files - Tournament Tactics (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (2002)   (Very special thanks to)
Duke: Nuclear Winter (1997)   (Special thanks to)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.