Tim Stump

Game Credits


FIFA 17 (2016)   (Software Engineers)
FIFA 16 (2015)   (Software Engineers)
FIFA 15 (2014)   (Software Engineers)
Fight Night Round 3 (2006)   (Programmer)

Developer Biography

Tim grew up in the sunny Okanagan valley in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up, the only computer he had access to was an old VIC-20 (with 16k memory expander!), so it is a bit strange that he would develop a keen interest in programming. In 1998 he moved to Vancouver with his girlfriend to attend college, taking Computer Systems Technology (Digital Processing) at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

After graduating in 2000, he got his first job in the computer industry at a military contractor programming in Smalltalk. While working at this company, he started to indulge his interest in graphics programming and took over the ZDoomGL project, an OpenGL Doom source port. This side project was quite well received and was a major motivation in making the leap to the games industry.

In 2005, after 5 years at that job, it was time to move on. Taking a chance, he applied to Electronic Arts and was quickly hired. Moving to a large company and no longer working from was a major adjustment, but the great team on his first game (Fight Night Round 3 PSP) made the transition much easier.

He continues to work on titles for handheld platforms at EA.

Last updated: Oct 27, 2006