Sergey Shultz

Also Known As

  • Сергей шульц
  • Sergey Shoolts
  • Sergey Schultz
  • Sergey Shults

Game Credits


Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends (2014)   (Management - CFO)
Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair (2014)   (Management)
Dreamscapes: The Sandman (Collector's Edition) (2013)   (Management)
Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World (2013)   (CFO)
Righteous Kill (2013)   (CFO)
Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe (2012)   (CFO)
The Island: Castaway (2012)   (Management)
Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal (2012)   (CFO)
Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion (2012)   (CFO)
Pilot Brothers: On the Track of Striped Elephant (2012)   (CFO)
Spirit of Wandering: The Legend (2012)   (MANAGEMENT)
Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix (2012)   (Management)
Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come (2012)   (Management)
Treasure Seekers II: The Enchanted Canvases (2011)   (Management)
Stand O'Food (2009)   (CFO)
Success Story (2009)   (Management)
Supermarket Mania (2008)   (Management)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (2007)   (CFO)
Whirlwind over Vietnam (2006)   (Financial Director)


Red Shark (2002)   (Missions)


Red Shark 2 (2005)   (Engine programming)
Fair Strike (2003)   (Programming)
Red Shark (2002)   (AI Programming)


Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath (2005)   (Financial Director)
The Stalin Subway (2005)   (Financial Director)
Parkan: Iron Strategy (2001)   (Partial Participation)

Developer Biography

Sergey Shultz was born in 1976. Sergey started his career as software engineer and project manager and participated in numerous projects in Russian and US game development and IT companies before co-founding Russian development studio G5 Software in 2001 and becoming the group's CFO. He received MS degree in Physics from Moscow State Institute of Engineering and Physics.

Last updated: Nov 29, 2008