Dan Van Buskirk

Game Credits


CHAMP Asterocks (1997)   (Game Design)
Champ Centiped-em (1997)   (Game design by)


CHAMP Asterocks (1997)   (Graphics and the CHAMP Sidebar)
Champ Centiped-em (1997)   (Graphics by)


Champ Centiped-em (1997)   (Sound by)

Developer Biography

Dan Van Buskirk was the sole Graphic Artist and Full 50 percent partner in development of the enhanced Champ Mode & Cloned graphic versions of many popular arcade hits written for DOS by the corporation known as CHAMProgramming Inc. Dan and John were the creative team which created Champ Pac-em, Champ Ms. Pac-em, Champ Kong, Champ Frog-em, Champ Asteroids, Champ Invaders, Champ Galaxia, Champ Centiped-em & Champ Galagon.

Dan Van Buskirk was credited for Design and Graphics on all versions until John Champeau decided to keep all profits which resulted in the end of Champ Games. John Champeau continued selling the games and removed Dan's credits for Graphics and Game Design and eventually tried to claim that Dan's involvement was purely graphics artist for hire. Both Dan & John no that was not the case and Dan's departure from the partnership was the real reason for the Champ Games ultimate end.

Dan never pursued legal action and was never paid his full share of any profits from the sales of all the titles sold. He also has never forgiven John.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2007